a practice.

17(12) a public space


redevelopment of the historical heart of Forest

This urban redevelopment project restores to the heart of Forest its status of urban and open-air living room. The intervention “pushes the walls and bring places closer” while assuring a continuity of the floors of this public space, at the crossroad of active mobility, shared space and the course of water that are specific to the heart of Forest.

Programme: shared public space, nearby streets

Location : Forest, BE

Client: BELIRIS and Administration communale de Forest

Status: laureate in 2018

Surfaces: 28.000 m²

Cost: 6.400.000 €

Team: A PRACTICE., architecture, urbanism and landscape / ATELIER VELDWERK, landscape / PIERRE VANDERSTRAETEN, public spaces advisor / ATELIER RUIMTELIJK ADVIES, engineering and costs management / TRAJECT, mobility / SERVAIS ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURAL, stability /EVA LE ROI, illustration