a practice.

16(04) a cultural building


rehabilitation and reconstruction of a 12th century abbey

At the heart of the site of the Abbey of Forest, the intervention makes the most of the typological and landscaping qualities of the space to insert in it a cultural pole that is a genuine third space offered to the artistic practices that take place there.

Programme: library, games, auditorium, cultural center, youth area, citizen area, academys

Location : Forest, BE

Client: Administration communale de Forest

Status: laureate in 2017, planning permission accepted

Surfaces: 6,700 m²

Cost: 16,000,000 €

Team: A PRACTICE., and :MLZD, architecture and urbanism / BUREAU BOUWTECHNIEK, execution architecture / TAKTYK, landscape / CHANGEMENT A VUE, scenography / SALUTPUBLIC, signage / Bureau d’études Greisch, stability / INGENIUM, thermal and fluid engineering / DAIDALOS, acoustic / MAXIME DELVAUX, photographer